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Safety production, training first | Guangdong Fuji elevator to carry out drum brake in use elevator safety risks and maintenance technology training

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Recently, received the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration "Notice on the investigation and management of elevator drum brake safety hazards", our company attaches great importance to it!In order to effectively implement the work requirements of the General Administration, strengthen the main responsibility of our elevator quality and safety, improve the quality of elevator maintenance and maintenance, eliminate the safety hazards of drum brake, vigorously improve the quality and safety level of elevators, and ensure that the people are at ease in taking elevators。Our company actively organizes relevant personnel to carry out "drum brake in use elevator safety hazards and maintenance technical training"

Training conference site


Training meeting by skilled and experienced maintenance engineers to the "elevator manufacturing and installation safety code" implementation of the drum brake traction machine as an example combined with Guangdong Fuji elevator maintenance process, in the form of graphics and video for in-depth explanation, the meeting site actively interact to discuss related issues。

Practical operation training site


After the theoretical training,The relevant personnel have also carried out practical operation training,Rely on physical objects,Each key component of drum brake is explained,Parallel field operation,How to perform proper maintenance and maintenance process and maintenance priorities,We focus on the operation, study and discuss together,Make the maintenance skills more professional and comprehensive。


Through this training, relevant participants fully understand the importance of complying with the safe operation process, improve the skills of maintenance personnel, and have a deeper understanding of safe production and life safety!

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Look forward to a bright future

For many years, Guangdong Fuji Elevator has made safety a top priority。We are committed to safe production, and strive to improve the safety awareness of the whole people and the ability to predict risks。Actively carry out safety training, so that safety awareness into the hearts of every employee, into every link of safety production, giving the city up and down more beautiful and possible。

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