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[Guangdong Fuji Elevator Hunan production base] Busy production, high quality and efficient production!​

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In early summer, the temperature gradually rebounded, the company's sales performance also climbed like the weather, the production atmosphere of the workshop can be described as hot, a busy scene!

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In recent days, the company's production orders continue to flow, the sound of the machine in the spacious production workshop, the workers are concentrating on the operation of various machinery, in their respective posts in an orderly busy。Working overtime and busy connecting a process to ensure that the quality and quantity of production orders can be completed。

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Quality and quantity is the pillar of strength for the rise of enterprises

Since its establishment, the company has been expanding the market by relying on excellent products, and has been recognized by the majority of customers. The sales orders are all over the country and overseas, and the elevator industry has quickly gained a foothold and risen!Strive to become the world's leading elevator brand, to create the elevator industry benchmark!

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Preciseness is our attitude and ingenuity is our spirit

"A miss is as good as a mile", every detail of the product is related to the safety and stability of the use of the product。The company has been adhering to the spirit of making fine products and creating technology。In every link of production, we adhere to rigorous operating procedures and use exquisite processing technology to manufacture energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient and safe elevators。

The laser cutting master is carefully checking each data

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The drill master has been in this position for 10 years

Strict requirements on the process, focus on the drill position accurate to 0.1mm

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The bending master is carefully studying the process and product data

Will be the spirit of ingenuity play incisively and vividly

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Quality is our insistence. Excellence is our pursuit

Quality target: product pass rate of 100%
Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise。All the employees of the company check and control at various levels to create a quality image of the enterprise。Focus on continuous innovation and breakthrough, excellence, to create excellent high-quality products。We firmly believe that excellent quality is the cornerstone for enterprises to gain social trust and respect。

Manager Xiao of the production department taught the employees production skills hand by hand

And strict spot checks on its products

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The quality department makes a precise inspection of all products and items

Do not let go of any bad

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Hold quality analysis meeting to enhance quality awareness
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The best products are natural and ingenious

Strict standards and establish corporate benchmarks

Fine workmanship and casting quality model

Responsibility ingenuity · Achieve perfect bloom

High quality ensures on-time delivery

Integrity management and common development!

With the efforts of all the staff of the company, sales have gradually increased, and the company's next level is working fast, thriving momentum, and the annual output value in 2021 will be able to go to a higher level!

More gas!Roll up your sleeves!

Guangdong Fuji elevator future!

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