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Get ready for battle and get ready for training -- The training work of the company in 2021 is going steadily

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Every training is an accumulation of knowledge

Every lecture is a collision of ideas

In order to improve the comprehensive quality and professional ability of employees, enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of enterprises。According to the training needs of various departments, the company has researched and formulated the 2021 annual training plan, and organized and implemented it in an orderly manner, so that employees can improve their ideological consciousness and working methods。We are committed to cultivating a team of employees with strong professional ability and comprehensive quality。

The system is clear and the training is effective

System training is an important part of the company's overall training, by all departments to convene relevant personnel to carry out their own training, improve professional quality within the system, strengthen communication and cooperation for company training, currently covering the company's production, quality, technology, engineering, business, sales and other sectors。

Training course presentation

Introduction to Elevator Structure and Principle

Instructor: Manager Gong of Engineering Department

The participants have all the personnel of the manufacturing center and the marketing center. This training course explains the eight systems and operation principles of the elevator in detail, and analyzes it in combination with realityEach post inProblems that need to be paid attention to in normal work。Through training, the relevant personnel have a liftDeeper cognition, in order to improve their professional level。



"Car product Knowledge and quality Learning"

Lecturer: Xiao Manager of Production Department

Process Li Langfeng, Director of Quality Department Chen    

The participants are all car team members, technologists, programmers, planners, quality department。In the training course, Manager Xiao explained the structure of the car and the operation skills and precautions in each process in detail, and explained each product such as the car wall, the control wall and the heavy block produced by the car production line。Based on the physical object, how to understand the three views of machinery and how to maximize the use of raw materials。


Production Department process Li Langfeng explained the process of the production order and how to correctly read the production order, and explained the calculation method and process requirements of the product development diagram in detail。


Mr. Chen, director of the Quality Department, explained in detail how to determine the tolerance range of the product, the quality problems that need attention and the preventive measures。


Workshop training



Sales Skills and Marketing Experience

Lecturer: Manager of Sales Department

Compared with the common affairs around us, the abstract and difficult elevator sales skills are explained easily and easily. The interactive teaching method is used to make the on-site students enthusiastic and actively participate in the discussion。Through training, I have improved the sales ability of relevant personnel and the communication skills with customers, maintained the existing customers and developed more new customers, and led the national marketing。




The company's internal training program is being promoted in an orderly manner, in the training process, we actively look for the problems in daily work against the training content, and in the process of continuous learning to optimize and improve, put forward reasonable suggestions, effectively promote the harmonious, stable and healthy development of the work of the enterprise。


We will strengthen confidence in development and strengthen basic management

Promote high-quality development of the company

More internal training awaits you

To be continued, look forward to ~~~

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